Drummer Jean-Sebastien Goyette on Stage with MYSTERY

After it was announce that Steve Gagné would be leaving Mystery for a new carrer outside the music biz. MYSTERY is happy to welcome Montreal drummer Jean-Sebastien Goyette.

Jean-Sebastien will join Mystery on stage February 7th 2013 in Ottawa when the band will be opening for SAGA.

MYSTERY is also preparing for the Marillion Convention, March 2013 in Montreal then will leave their homeland for a series of dates in Mexico, Netherlands and UK.

Regarding the new guy, Michel explains: We were pitching suggestions for potential drummers to fill in for Steve who has been a member of the band since 1995. While watching the Neal Morse auditions on youtube, I discovered that a few guys from Montreal had auditionned and was very impressed with Jean-Sebastien's Autidion Video. I got in contact with him and asked him if if could submit a video audtion for Mystery as well. Michel adds: From what I had seen with his Neal Morse tape, I had the feeling he would be the right guy, a week later his video of PRIDE came in and it was clear that he would be one of the Mysteron. Welcome aboard Jean-Sebastien... .

Mystery To Make Debut UK Appearance At Celebr8 2013

Canadian prog rock band Mystery, who feature ex-Yes vocalist Benoit David, will make their debut UK live appearance at next years Celebr8 festival.

The band, who also feature guitarist and keyboard player Michel St-Pere and drummer Nick D’Virgilio have recently released their latest album The World Is A Game through Unicorn Records. It will be the first time that David has been seen on stage in this country since touring with Yes on the band’s 2011 Fly From Here tour. He was replaced in the band by Glass Hammer vocalist Jon Davison, the subject of much internet conjecture.

UK proggers Arena will headline the Sunday night at Celebr8, which also sees Spanish prog rockers Harvest also make their debut UK live appearance, who feature both Marillion guitarist Steve Rothery and singer Alan Reed on their latest album Chasing Time. Reed will also appear with his The Daughters Of Expediency band on the main stage (following on from his well received acoustic slot earlier this year) with one further act to be announced for the Sunday.

Threshold, who have recently released their latest album, March Of Progress, on Nuclear Blast Records, will headline the Saturday night, with US band District 97 also making their debut UK appearance, and Frost* and IO Earth also appearing on the bill.

Matt Stevens, Simon Godfrey, Mark Spencer and Clive Mitten will all be appearing on the much vaunted acoustic stage throughout the weekend.

Celebr8 takes place on May 11 and 12, 2013 at The Hippodrome in Kingston upon Thames. Tickets are priced at £70 for the whole weekend, although Earlybird tickets are currently available at £50 from The Merch Desk (therese are limited and on a first come first served basis). Tickets can also be purchased at the forthcoming IO Earth/Tangent show at The Peel on November 2. .

Celebr8 Website


Update on the new Mystery album recording

2 years after the very successful album One Among the Living, MYSTERY is back with their seventh album, The World is a Game.

With an brand new studio line-up featuring Michel St-Père on guitars and Keyboards, Benoit David on vocals, Antoine Fafard from the band SPACED OUT on bass and additional acoustic guitars and drummer Nick D’Virgilio (Spock’S Beard, Tears for Fear, Genesis).

This is also a new studio album for Benoit David who’S back from touring and recording 2 albums with legendary band YES and his third studio album with Mystery

MYSTERY –The World is a Game is the most advance recording album for the Canadian Band. You can get this new CD before everyone else TODAY.



Update on the new Mystery album recording

Yesterday I went to Benoit’s house to give him the latest rough mixes from the album, We took the time to listen to the new stuff as Benoit often leaves the studio after a long day without having the chance to hear everything.

We are super excited about the album, right now we have 57 minutes of Music including a small acoustic guitar piece (from which the long 19 minute song is based on) So no matter how we will edit everything, the album will be around this length. 8 songs completes the album : Another Day, The world is a Game, Pride, Superstar, A Morning Rise, Dear Someone, Time goes by and an Intro for which we have no title yet.

Drums are all done, thanks to Mr. Nick D’Virgilio, Antoine Fafard of Spaced Out has recorded all bass track this time and also supplied some additional classical guitar tracks.

The album will also feature Marylene Provencher-Leduc on Flute.

It is hard to describe the overall sound and mood of the album right now, but it is definitely Mystery sounding. Kind of a sad feeling throughout the album, I would think it is more prog than One Among the Living but I am not the best to judge this I guess.

But All I can say for now is that we are very pleased with the new music and the mix is almost done, and artwork will also be ready soon. The album will be titled : The World is a Game. We are working hard on this and we sure hope all the mystery fans will enjoy this new album. Thank you to all our fans who send us nice words about our music, it is really inspiring … See you soon


Official press release from Benoit David

Dear YES fans, As you all know, the final three shows of last year's European tour were cancelled due to my ill health. On my return to Canada, I was advised to cease touring, for the foreseeable future, in order to avoid further damage to my voice. Following this extremely disappointing diagnosis, I had no alternative but to inform my fellow band members that I was unable to confirm my availability for, at least, the forthcoming concerts in New Zealand, Australia and Japan.Although there was no alternative, I did so with a heavy heart as I felt that I was letting every one down especially those who have supported me since I had the privilege of becoming the band's vocalist in 2008.

The band members were all very understanding and asked if I would mind being replaced for the April shows - I immediately agreed that this would be the best way forward and gave them my blessing. I was then pleased to learn that Jon Davison would be my replacement as he is an accomplished musician with a fine voice.I subsequently learnt, from a band member's interview, that I had officially left Yes and that my departure was permanent. As this is the situation, everyone should know that I will be eternally grateful for the opportunity I was given and very proud to have contributed to more than 200 concerts andto the 'Fly From Here' and 'In The Present Live From Lyon' albums.

I wouldalso like to express my appreciation for the support I was given by eachmember of the band, the fantastic crew, the management and everyone elseinvolved during my time as vocalist in the band. Finally, to the fans who have applauded my efforts and to those I have had the pleasure of meeting - many thanks, my best wishes and please continue with your support of one of the world's greatest bands - YES.

Although I need to take it easy for a while, I fully intend to continue with mymusic career. In late summer of 2011, I added vocals to Mystery's forthcoming album 'The World Is A Game' - which is at the final stages of mixing and will be available in the near future. This is my third collaboration with Michel St-Pere, and Mystery, following 2007's 'Beneath the Veil o fWinter's Face' and 2010's 'One Among The Living'. So I guess I will, hopefully, see you somewhere down the road…


Benoit David
17th February 2012

New Mystery Album featuring Nick D'Virgilio

Mystery is preparing a new album. All drums tracks have been recorded at Chemical Sound in Toronto, Ontario with well known progressive rock drummer Nick D’Virgilio.

Nick D'Virgilio is an American drummer and multi-instrumentalist musician, often referred to as NDV, best known as a member of the progressive rock band Spock's Beard. He was also one of two drummers chosen to replace Phil Collins in Genesis on the Calling All Stations album. He has also done session work with many artists including Tears for Fears and Big Big Train.

Benoit David is currently at illusion studio with Michel St-Pere to record all vocal tracks before Benoit returns with YES at the end of October for their up coming European tour.

Great bassist and long time mystery friend Antoine Farard (Spaced Out), who just released his first solo album Solus Operandi will be recording bass fo the new Mystery album in his London studio, UK in October

The new album with the working title “The World is a Game” will be mixed in November and ready for release early 2012.

Once again produced by Michel St-Pere, the follow up to the best selling Unicorn Digital release of all time, One Among the Living (2010) will be released in 2012

Michel St-Pere with Secret Society of Starfish

Mystery's guitarist Michel St-Pere is very proud to play a song on the first Secret Society of Starfish album - Dark Reflections from the Waters Edge -

SECRET SOCIETY OF STARFISH is a progressive rock band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They have been described as Tool meets Porcupine Tree and their intricate music ranges from hard-driving to complex to ethereal instrumentals. Signed to Canadian indie label Unicorn Records, SSOS has performed with prog icons Yes, hard rockers King's X and many prog, metal and rock acts around the Midwest.

SECRET SOCIETY OF STARFISH is composed of veteran musicians from Milwaukee area prog-rock groups. The band features vocals by Pablo Sepulveda Jr., D.R. Burkowitz on bass, Chris Vincent on drums, guitarist Joe Kopecky and Jeffrey Konkol on keyboards.

Antoine Fafard records with MYSTERY

SPACED OUT's bassist and mastermind Antoine Fafard is recording all bass tracks for the new Mystery album, The World is a Game. Antoine had aslo played a few tracks on the last 2 Mystery albums.

Antoine also just released is first solo album. Solus Operandi takes you into a deep, fresh and sometimes intense musical journey. The musical styles on the album are varied and include African rhythms, flamenco, funk, fusion, jazz, latin and more. Exciting improvisation and performances are present throughout… it's now there to be discovered!

Antoine Fafard is a composer and performer from Montreal (Canada) now living in London (UK). Antoine composes background music for television and performs as a session bass player. Since the late 1990s, Antoine's personal music has been expressed through the band Spaced Out with whom he acts as a composer/arranger and performer on the electric bass. The band released five studio albums to date and has performed in international festivals such as the Nearfest in 2002 (USA), the Crescendo Festival in 2006 (France) and at the FMPM in 2008 (Canada).

Steve Gagné leaves Mystery

Dear Fans : A few months ago, our friend drummer Steve Gagné informed us that he would not be recording the new Mystery album in order to concentrate and persue a new personal career and challenge.

Steve joined Mystery in 1997 during the recording of the Destiny album, it was not long before he became a friend and a major force behind Mystery and over the years his strength and profesionalism has taught us to be better musicians and artists in the most humble way.

It is with great regret that we have to inform you that Steve will not be part of the new album, but at the same time we are very excited and happy for him and his new ventures and we wish him all the best. Music is a long road and our paths will certainly cross again.

One Among the Living Now available on iTunes

The wait is over, the latest album from MYSTERY is now available on iTunes and other digital download websites.


10 years ago, Mystery had just released their 3rd CD entitled Destiny? This album received rave reviews from all over the world. The album cover showed a child waiting for the schoolbus in front of a cemetary. What will happen between this young kid school day and the day that this kid, hopefully very old, will die.

Well in 10 years many things happened. Members have left and other have joined the band, and unfortunately some have left for another world. The world is not really the same anymore and everything did not turn out according to plans or was it all just following the course of a greater master plan fore-ordained by the Divine?? Who knows?, One thing is sure the questions asked on Destiny? Have not been answered yet and probably never will.

2 songs will not make the final mix in 1998 including Beneath the Veil of Winter’s Face which 9 years later has become the title track of Mystery’s best selling CD, and Heaven can Wait that you can now find on the new 10th Anniversary edition of DESTINY?

After the release of MYSTERY’s latest album Beneath the Veil of Winter’s Face, Tracks from the Destiny? Sessions were transferred into Illusion Studio’s computer and the new mix was started. Michel St-Pere says about this project: Not only this album brought MYSTERY to a new level, but it also started the whole Unicorn Records adventure. But I was not satisfied with the mix and after mixing Beneath the Veil of Winter’s Face, I knew I could bring Destiny to a new level.

The new mix sounds a lot better than the original and this album deserves to be heard the way it was meant to be. The 10th anniversary edition of Destiny is now available,
IO PAGES Magazine top 10 of 2010

MYSTERY One Among the Living, made it to the 2010 top 10 prog album in the IO page Magazine Netherlands, Thank you to all our fans in the Netherlands...

ONE AMONG THE LIVING Album of the year

MYSTERY One Among the Living Album of the year at Progzilla.com thank you CLiff!!

Progzilla podcast
Proving prog isn't just for dinosaurs

Top 10 prog Album Radio Alfa Poland.

POLAND - Mystery - One Among The Living voted 6th best album of 2010 by the listeners and readers of MLWZ

Plebiscyt 2010 rozstrzygnięty!
MLWZ - Mały Leksykon Wielkich Zespołów: rock progresywny na antenie radia Alfa, serwis art rockowy

Aural Moon Radioshow top 20 of 2010

Mystery One Among the Living at #7 thank you Aural Moon Listeners

ProgMontreal album of the Year !

MYSTERY One Among the Living, Best album of 2010 at Prog Montreal, Merci uncle Bob !!!

Your source for progressive music news and information Votre guide de la musique progressive

One Among the Living at number 3 in Cleveland Ohio

Mystery One Among the Living #3 in the top 25 of 2010 Thank you Allen Thomson and to all our Cleveland, Ohio fans for requesting our music !!!

Somewhere Between Sunrise & Sunset, 88.3FM WBWC

One Among the Living at number 3 in Calagary

MYSTERY One Among the Living #3 Best of 2010 on the Prog Show Attention Surplus Disorder Thank you Richard and to our Calgary Fans !!!

CJSW – Best of 2010 - Calgary's Independent Radio 90.9 FM

Album of the Year at La Filière Progressive

MYSTERY One Among the living est Numero 1 à la Filière Progressive, Quand ca viens de notre chez nous ca fait plaisir en tabarouette Merci à La filiere Progressive...

Mystery, surprise de lannée ; la « FILIÈRE PROGRESSIVE » dévoile son TOP15 2010

USA Progmusic.com reveal its top 10 of 2010

MYSTERY - One Among the Living made it onto the top 10 Progressive Rock albums of 2010 at USAprogmusc.com webzine.


New live Mystery videos

2 new live videos are now available on Youtube, they were filmed during last september while MYSTERY was part of a concert dedicated to the memory of Sylvain Gagné, our drummer Steve’s brother. Pictures of this great event are also available in the images section of the Mystery website.

Unicorn Digital Youtube Chanel

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